Friday, June 1, 2012

Insanity...What happens when the meds wear off!!!

I'm the proud, semi-patient, exhausted parent of 2 children that suffer from ADHD.  I too have been diagnosed...and we're all medicated!!!  THANK GOD!!!  Without it, I picture us all running around like the Tasmanian devil...wreaking havoc everywhere we go.  I envision my friends and family running when they see us coming.  

I'm a firm supporter in medicating...EVERY DAY, even during the summer.  My pediatrician always gives me a "look" when I admit that I make them take their meds even when there's no school. My explanation is simple.  Without their meds, they'd be in trouble ALL THE TIME!!!  (I'd be insane or DRUNK all the time) To which the doc responds with "they're both getting old enough, they should be learning how to exercise self-control"...and the "look" she gives me says "maybe you're not disciplining well enough or you're just lazy".  

That's easy for her to say.  I'd be all for trying alternatives to medication...if it was ONLY me or ONLY one of them...but there are 3 of us!!  On the days when by chance one of the girls has forgotten to take their meds, WATCH OUT!!!  Not only will she do everything in her power to drive her sister nuts...she will succeed!!  Some body's going to get hurt...either because all common sense has left the building or because the medicated child will finally have enough and ultimately decide that retaliation is imminent and the gloves are coming off!!!  Ding ding ding...

Let me give you an example of what it's like when Slou's meds have worn off for the day.  A couple nights ago, we went out to dinner.  Just me, Slou and my dad.  The child's words were coming out of her mouth so fast that it's amazing she didn't hyperventilate.  She was talking about NOTHING and everything all at the same time.  I finally had to tell her on the way home that I needed 5 minutes of silence.  She said "But I'm just trying to make conversation."  "Honey, I'm completely 100% comfortable with the silence." I could tell her feelings were a little wounded...but apparently not enough to SHUT HER UP!!  She sat in the backseat and quietly read street signs to herself...and rambled on with listing the store names of each shopping center we passed.  At least she was quietly talking to herself and not expecting me to keep up with her and respond to any of her nonsense.  When we got home, I sent myself to time out and read in my room until my blood pressure had returned to normal.

Fast forward to last night.  I'm not positive Beelay even took her medicine yesterday because she spent the night out and I of course was already gone to work when she got home.  By 13 years old she should be responsible enough to remember to take her meds.  Anyway, she was gone over to Auntie's when I slowed down by the house for Slou to hop in for me to haul ass to her swim meet.  I had volunteered to do swimmer check-in and had to be there by 4pm.  So after working thru lunch, flying to the meet, signing in a gazillion kids, then supervising 16ish 9-10 year old girls in the bull pin for the first half (with the help of another cool mom)...and cheering on my swimmer the second half, I was DONE!!!  8 hours at work followed by another 5 hours sweating my ass off surrounded by swarms of rowdy screaming kids...I wanted nothing more than to just go home and go to BED!!!

I gotta throw this in because it is funny...even if it doesn't fit into my rant.  Before I could go home, I had to swing by and pick Beelay up at my sister's and of course steal a couple minutes of snuggle time with Squirt.  Anyway, we get there and B is laying in Auntie's bed holding Slou and I pile in too.  Next thing ya know, Auntie's climbing in the bed and pulling out her enormous "girls" to pump.  That's family there y'all!!!  We're all hanging out on the bed...including her dog, while she's pumping and her hubs is standing there chitchatting with us...waiting for a spot to open up for him to grab a seat too.  

So I'm finally successful in herding my HYPER children into the car and get home around 10ish.  I'm EXHAUSTED and want nothing more than to lay in bed and read or watch tv ALONE!!  Beelay was so cracked out...I'm almost certain no meds reached her bloodstream yesterday.  She's bouncing on my bed, she's slapping my boobies, she's running up and down the hall...I finally see my opportunity and I slam my door and LOCK it!!  Both children cry at my door for a minute about how mean I am and that I haven't even tucked Slou in yet...whah whah whah!!!  GO AWAY!!!  

All the sudden it's QUIET!!!  I suspected that they'd gone to find a wire hanger that they could bend and use to pick my's SUPER easy to break into my room.  Well, I thought WRONG!!  I'm laying there finally relaxing when I hear a little scratch scratch at my window...and all the sudden it's OPEN!!  Beelay had climbed out her bedroom window and scaled the house (it's actually the roof of the front porch) over to my bedroom window.  WTF?!?!  Seriously?!?!?!  I know she loves me and all...but at this point it's not even about her wanting to spend time with me, it's about her ability to stop herself has evaporated.  I screamed a cuss word or two at her and she quickly went back to her room...and any of my neighbors that might've been outside probably called DFACS.  But dammit...I sure did sleep good last night.

Happy Friday everyone.  Hope you have a fab weekend and that I don't resort to duct tape and gags to get some peace.  Follow the button to Top Mommy Blogs to help me rise in their rankings and follow me here and on Facebook.  Later y'all!!  

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