Friday, June 22, 2012

Heavy Hearts & The Power of Prayer

I know you're all anxiously waiting for the 3rd and hopefully final installment of Clowns Gone Wild - A Girls Trip.  But today my heart just isn't light enough to write about the silly parts of my life.  My heart is heavy.  If you haven't already read I F#CKING HATE CANCER you should, before you read any further.

Our Soldier Boy has been participating in a clinical trial.  With this particular trial, they require MRI's every 4 weeks.  The theory is that IF the trial is working, there MUST be a remarkable decrease in the size of his tumors.  When he went in for his first 4 week scan, there was no documentable change.  But they did the scan a little early because of the rapid growth between the last 2 previous scans.  That being said, they opted to keep him in this particular trial for another 4 weeks.

Well, last Friday was THE DAY either we see progress or we walk away from the trial.  My heart is physically shattering as I write this next sentence.  There are so many new seed tumors that they can't even count them and there is a new mass forming at the base of his spine.  The trial wasn't working.

Today our Soldier Boy and his mama and his whole army of doctors are meeting to discuss what their options are and whether there will be another plan of attack.  Please, please, please pray that there is!!  Until we know more, we have decided not to share the weight of this horrible news with our children.  As of right now, he's still a happy, gassy little boy...and we want him and all of the kids to enjoy every chance they get with each other, not worried and sad.  So please, if you're around any of us that are close to this situation; double check for little ears before you bring it up.

I'm so thankful that God brought this crazy little stinker into my life.  Because of him so many people have been touched and brought closer as a family and an army.  He has brought the good out in so many and we should all be proud to say we are on "Team Soldier Boy".  Feel free to share this with others and ask them for their prayers too.


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  1. I am so sorry this is happening. I have not read the other post but will. Know that my families prayers are with everyone involved. I found you through the blog hop and am looking forward to reading!