Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Week 11 - These are all of my favorite K's

I'm still trying to play catch up...so hopefully you're getting 2 A-Z posts this week.  You know you're excited.  I think it's really week 13 in Kate's challenge.  I'm not even sure anyone else is still participating at this point, but I'm gaining so much internally that I'm gonna keep going all the way to Z!!  So here we are at letter K.  I really think K may be the hardest letter so far.  Where's my dictionary?  I need some help with K words.  Someone has stolen my Webster's out of my office!!  WTF?!?!  Who steals a dictionary?  Dumb people. That's who.  Obviously they needed it worse than me...seeing as I am the Royal Grammar & Spelling Queen in these parts.  Who needs spell check? Not this bitch...

Well for shits and giggles, I took a little visit over to everyone's favorite dictionary.  Once I got to Urban Dictionary, I clicked on K.  You wanna go look at what came up and get a little giggle?  I'll give you a minute...go ahead.  Although there was some entertaining vocabulary content, it really didn't help me get any closer in my quest to find the perfect K word.

So rather than getting even farther behind in this A-Z challenge, I'll just tell you my favorite things that begin with K.

10. Most other Kids
9. Kickball
8. Keith Urban
7. Kittens
6. Kisses
5. My Kids
4. Kiwi
3. Kindness
2. Chiquita <---Her real name starts with a K
1. My Kindle

Do me a favor and don't judge me because I like Chiquita and my Kindle more than I like my kids.  Come spend a day in my house and you'll understand why.  The first K word that might come to mind is KILL...just kidding. 

Brace yourselves.  I know it might come as a shock, but here's my spiel.  Please follow me here on GFC, Facebook and Twitter....and please click the banner below.  Happy Tuesday...

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