Monday, July 23, 2012

Funerals...Your Last Opportunity To Show A Little Respect

Some would say that our social circle has been cursed by death.  We've lost so many special people, many young and before their time.  Some from natural causes and others from tragic accidents.  I realized this past week, that I've been to way too many funerals to even remember who's funeral was at which funeral home anymore.

Because I've always been the optimistic sort, I'm just gonna say I was blessed to have had the opportunity to know and love so many people.  I'm thankful for having each of them in my life, even if it wasn't long enough for my liking.  This weekend we said goodbye to an amazing man and I was so touched by the incredible outpouring of so many people.  The chapel was filled to capacity and the rest of the building was standing room only.  It was unbelievable.  The procession to the cemetery was led by police escort, with his Harley being carried by a United Towing wrecker, followed by 30+ motorcycles and then miles of other cars and trucks.

I was moved by the young man that had been jogging in the park when we passed.  Who stopped on the walking trail and put his hands behind his back and bowed his head.  The cars that pulled over out of respect and the people that were in their yards, that stopped and stood with their rakes in hand waiting for the procession to pass.  But then there was the truck that saw an opportunity to pull out and cut into our procession, to which we pulled up next to and motioned for them to pull over (which they did).

There were however a couple of things that just pissed me off!!  There are certain things that I just consider disrespectful and unacceptable when it comes to funerals.  First of all, turn your damn phones OFF!!!  Under NO circumstances is it okay for a grown woman to be playing/texting on her phone during a funeral!!!  Second, take your hats OFF!!!  I realize this was not the most traditional service, seeing as Walter was buried in his favorite Harley Davidson shirt with the sleeves cut off...because that's who he was, but he was also one of the most respectful people I know and he deserved for every single person in there to take off their hats.  Third, I understand that everyone has somewhere they need to be.  We're always in a hurry.  But don't EVER cut into a funeral procession.  It wasn't just the one truck that cut in front of their defense, I don't think they'd realized what they'd done  until we politely informed them.  I saw at least 2 other cars jump in and even turn on their flashers as to appear to be part of the caravan until we hit the entrance to the cemetery and they kept on.  ASSHOLES!!!

As a parent, it is my responsibility to teach my kids what is expected.  I hope that everyone else will too.  That being said, it was great seeing so many people that I hadn't seen in years.  We had a party that would've made Walter proud.  No more tears...only laughter as we remember a great man!!!

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  1. I am so sorry for your loss :( jaw literally dropped when I read that people cut into the processional and turned on their lights. Karma will see to them very soon!