Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Random Ridiculousness To Lighten The Mood


Today I'm linking up with Stacy Uncorked at her weekly Random Rebel link-up.  After my frustration fueled rant yesterday, I feel like I could greatly benefit from some simple randomness.  So here goes...

Random 1:
My boss compulsively messes with the thermostat that ONLY affects my office all day long...causing my 30ish year old body to think that it's going through early menopause and fighting off hot flashes at warp speeds.  Go mess with your own thermostat and leave mine alone.  I work much better when I don't have sweat running down my ear lobes all the way to my ass crack and into the crevice of my knee caps.

Random 2:
When I was in high school, my mom used to bribe me to come on family vacation by buying me the newest John Grisham novel every summer.  Now she doesn't have to ask me twice to tag along on a beach vacation...but I secretly hope she'll buy me a John Grisham novel anyway.

Random 3:
I have shampooed my carpets more than anyone I know...yet my house still tends to stink like dog pee.  I love my dog, but I really wish my dad would delegate someone less emotionally attached to send her on her way while the girls and I are on vacation next week....(I know this one sounds heartless, but when you spend more time shampooing carpets than you do actually enjoying your family and pets...it's time for something to give.)

Random 4:
I just got a paper cut on my tongue from licking envelopes.  I know you're thinking "Who the hell licks envelopes anymore?"

Random 5:
I despise talking on the phone...unless it's one of my very few best friends.  Otherwise, I prefer texting or email 100%.  I don't even know when this change occurred or why.  I guess I just feel like I can communicate my thoughts, feelings, etc. better in writing...

Random 6:
I have an unexplainable ridiculous fear of walking into restaurants or bars alone.  It doesn't matter if the people I'm meeting are already there or not.  If I get there first, I'll wait in my car until they get there.  And depending on who it is, if they get there first, I might even ask them to wait outside for me to get there....but usually I put my girl panties on and face it head on.

Random 7:
My biggest pet peeve this week is being the only person in the house that gives a shit what our house looks like when company comes to town.  This makes it very difficult for cleaning to actually happen...since I'm the only one working!!!  Second is being the only one that takes the initiative to empty the dishwasher, load and run it!!!  If they're clean...EMPTY IT!!!  Don't just stack up all of your dishes from the day...waiting for me to get home!!!  GRRRRR!!!!

Random 8:
I can't wait to go home today and see my favorite uncle....shhhhh, don't tell him.  It'll go to his head.  And don't tell my other uncles...I'd hate for their feelings to get hurt.

Random 9:
I just had a cyber-gigglefest with some of my dearest clowns.  It was one of the best giggles I've had in weeks!!!  And we have Jerry Springer to thank for it.  I'd explain...but you'd probably never understand.

Random 10:
I'm addicted to watching my topmommyblog.com ratings.  That being said, please click on the banner below to help me continue to move towards the top.

I hope everyone enjoys a relaxing, safe 4th of July and be sure to think of our armed forces and if you have a chance tell them thank you for everything that they do.

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  1. Thank you for stopping by, I am now following you :)

  2. People still lick envelopes? Who knew?

    I don't like walking into a bar or restaurant alone either.

  3. Now following you! I enjoyed your randomness (specifically #5: I'm the same way but have taken on a new responsibility that requires lots of phone time-arrrggggg). . . then I read your rant from the other day . . . How can a father NOT want to help his children? Wow! I admire your strength!

    Thanks for stopping by Cave Princess,

  4. I always love your posts...seems like we have a lot in common! Hope you had a great 4th.