Thursday, July 5, 2012

Week 1: A-Z All About Me Challenge

My fellow blogging friend Kate over at Love Kate, has invited me to join her in her A-Z All About Me Weekly Blog Challenge.  If any of you are interested in taking part, please feel free to click the button and get to writing.  

Here we are, at week 1...and our letter of the week is surprisingly the letter "A".  I could fill a page with words that describe me that begin with the letter "A", like Awesome, Amazing, Anxious, Argumentative, and on and on and on.  After reading Kate's first entry, A=Autism, I almost feel insensitive or undeserving of the honor to take part in this challenge.  I could write about ADHD and the challenges that it brings to my life and the lives of my girls, but then I feel like my challenges are NOTHING in comparison to Kate's.

All of that being said, I'm going to go with Able.  I am an able bodied person.  I'm going to make this post be about all of the things that I'm grateful to be able to do, things I wish I was able to do and some things I often wish I wasn't able to do.  

I'm grateful that I'm....
able to kiss my children every day
able to get up and come to work
able to make my own decisions
able to depend on my friends & family
able to admit when I'm wrong
able to ask for help when I need it (okay, so I'm still working on this one) 
able to find an escape in my writing
able to let most things roll off my shoulders 
able to say NO...or yes if that's what I want
able to find humor in almost everything

I wish I was....
able to find the motivation to fall in love with my pilates videos...again.
able to go back to school
able to protect my girls from EVERYTHING
able to grow a money tree
able to give my girls more....this could be it's own post alone (for another day)
able to speak my mind as well as I write it
able to tell certain people to KISS IT!!! 
able to keep a straight face when necessary
able to afford a maid

Often I wish I wasn't....
able to be so sympathetic & understanding
able to be taken advantage of 
able to drive (when I grow up, I want a chauffeur) 
able to do laundry
able to be a single would be nice to have someone on my team with me.
able to sleep until makes it really hard to go to bed on time the next night
able to operate the steam cleaner
able to load the dishwasher 

I hope all of you are grateful to be able to have read this.  Check back next week for "B". Please follow me here and on Facebook here and click on the banner below to cast your vote for of this morning I'm at #13 in my category!!! 

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  2. I really loved reading this post and getting to know you better. Thanks for sharing.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

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  5. Great post... good to remember that which we take for grated x

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  9. This is such a great way to write this.... I have been stalking you all over the place today... I obviously look forward to knowing you better! :~)

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