Friday, August 24, 2012

Hell Week...NO, I'm not using this as my "H" post

This has been HELL week...and it's not over yet!!!  We're finishing up the 3rd week of school here in this beautifully chaotic suburb of Atlanta.  How is it that I'm already running on fumes this early in the school year?  

Let me tell you about this week.  First of all my sister, who I'm very close to; had to put her dog down on Tuesday.  She was only 7 and what appeared to be a stomach bug that lasted for over 2 weeks, after a couple visits to the vet and then a 4 day stay over last weekend, everything within reason had been tried and nothing was helping her feel better.  It was a hard choice to make, but she was obviously suffering and didn't deserve to endure anymore.  Rest In Peace Cubby Bear'll be missed you pain in the ass!!  That being said, my sister has been a wreck, as has SLou.  They both share the softest of hearts when it comes to animals.

My sister and I work together...and understandably she didn't have it in her to come in the first half of the week.  Which puts a heavier load on me at work (not complaining...just explaining).  I've also been nominated as the "President" of the booster club for the h.s. volleyball feeder team.  I'm sure the title is only to make feel special...but I did volunteer to organize all of the necessary forms, coordinate volunteers, etc.  So on top of 3 nights of practice this week, a trip to urgent care with Beelay (turned out to be nothing...shocking), curriculum night at the middle school and doing the job of 4 other people at work this home computer & internet are fighting with each other, Beelay had her first science project due today (stayed up with her until 12:30 this morning finishing it up) and we have an all day play tomorrow!!  

I'm leaving something out...I know I am.  OH!!!  Sweet Baby C's 2nd birthday party is tomorrow afternoon...I really hope I can make it.  And Sunday is filled with all kinds of crazy excitement, but you'll have to wait until next week to hear all about that.

Add two crabby hormonal girls at home to a grumpy old man, a dog that should've never outlived Cubby, peeing and pooping all over the damn house and a cat that should've ran out of lives 8 years ago, that apparently has insomnia and likes to tell the whole house about it from the middle of the hallway EVERY night at about 3am....MY WEEK HAS BEEN HELL!!!  On a positive note: I just hit 100 followers!!!!

Needless to say there hasn't been much time to blog.  Hopefully a truce will be made between the technology in my house and maybe I'll get to my "H" post before the deadline on Sunday...If not, I'll do it whenever.  This feels like it was more of vent/whine/make excuses kinda post...but whatevs, I feel better for it.  You can always follow me on Facebook here. And it would be totally rad, if you'd click on the banner below to keep my rankings afloat while I'm drowning in my real life.  Have a great weekend!!!

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  1. sorry about your bad week love!

    Happy Saturday! have a great weekend! Drop by and say hello!

  2. Okay, I agree - hell week. Yikes. So sorry about your sister's dog. We used to have an old cat who did that same thing - crying in the middle of the night and waking us all up. I think she had kitty alzheimmers!