Tuesday, August 14, 2012

My Latest Graceful Disaster

We have a first day of school family tradition...as do I'm sure most of you.  From the day I started Kindergarten, my mom ALWAYS took first day of school pictures.  Whether we were on the front porch, the driveway or standing at the bus stop...whatever.  So of course I've carried on the family tradition with my kids...same front porch, driveway or bus stop.  ALWAYS together...until yesterday.  

Due to new schools opening, for transportation reasons, they've changed the hours at middle school.  This turned out to be a blessing in disguise.  I was convinced that it was going to demolish our morning routine...turns out it works PERFECT!!!  For those of you that have been reading for a while or know me personally, you know that my girls have a love/hate relationship.  They FIGHT like the Dickens most of the time and they both think they're a better mom to each other than I ever possibly could be.

Slou being in 5th grade this year, is now part of the morning safety patrol and needs to report by 7:10am for duty.  Yesterday, she got herself up and ready and woke me up to tell me she was going downstairs to fix her breakfast...just as my alarm clock was going off.  It was PERFECT!!!  I got up, took her first day of school pics and took her to school.  This was the first time I haven't walked her all the way to her classroom on the first day...but she's top dog on campus now.

I was actually off work yesterday, so that made it even less stressful.  I was able to wait until I got back from dropping Slou off to wake Beelay up.  This difference in school schedules just might be the exact formula that we needed all along.  The equation is harmonious bliss in our household...at least until I step out the front door to take Beelay's first day of school pictures.

As I was getting into position to take her pictures on the front porch, the damn planter that has probably been in the same spot since my childhood, decided to jump out and bite me!!  It then started shattering into shards of plastic...that sliced my leg open, leading to my one-legged catch my balance and don't bust my ass dance all through the front bushes.  I swear to God, all of the bushes are out to get me!!  After a couple 4 letter words, I finally danced my way out of the bushes and back onto level ground.  All the while Beelay is laughing uncontrollably...and I'm trying with all of my might not to cry!!

This little catastrophe led to her pictures being taken in the driveway...and adding up to like 5 less than I took of her sister, which I made up by taking pictures of my wounds.  Of course now I can't wear any shoes other than flip-flops until my heel heals...and I woke myself up a handful of times during the night when my tender shredded/lacerated skin was rubbed wrong by my sheets!!  It really does suck to be me sometimes.  Oh and my dad's response when I showed him the blood running down my shin..."I swear you must have inherited your lack of grace from your mom's side and passed it on to your children.  I've never known anyone so accident prone in my life.".  Thanks Dad for pointing out the obvious.

So as far as first days of school go...it was a pretty great day other than the time spent with the first aid kit.  And the form that came home regarding the 8th grade Georgia trip...that informed me I have until Sept. 10th to pay the deposit of $145 and until Oct. 10th to pay the $145 balance!!!  HELLO!!!!  I'm a single mom that has to save for stuff like that...and this is already the most expensive part of my year (between school supplies, clothes, sports, both girl's birthdays and CHRISTMAS!!!).  Couldn't they have at least warned me at the end of the school year last year?  Of course any donations would be greatly appreciated...just kidding.  I'll figure it out some how.

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  1. Don't you love how they just think we can fork over money without batting an eye! We were given two week notice for the $100 depoist for 6th grade camp, that up until my daughter became a 6th grader had always been free!!!

  2. Look at you getting all injured with the traditional picture-taking - I do the first day of school pictures, too - and last day of school to see how much Princess Nagger has changed during the school year. Maybe it will help you to know that I'm accident prone, too - you're not alone. ;)

    It sure would have been nice if they'd at least sent a letter or something over the summer to let you know what the cost of the GA trip was going to be so you could save up...crazy!

    Thanks so much for playing along and linking up! :)

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  3. You have been nominated for an award!! http://thesexysinglemommy.blogspot.com/2012/08/am-i-bomb-diggity-yes-i-am-guess-who.html Congrats!!

  4. Your pictures remind me of me... i am covered in cuts & bruises!

  5. My mom used to make us get our pictures taken too...I LOATHED the first day of school, and in a few from my earlier years, I'm actually crying in the pictures. Your girls look much more happy to be heading off than I ever was! You took great pics, despite your injury. ;)
    Thanks for following me, I'm following you too! :)

  6. I'm voting for you lol! I found you via Weekly Wednesday Blog Hop and am following you now :)