Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Summertime Clownin' Around

Well summertime is upon us.  My summertime theme song is Summer Girl by Jessica Andrews.  This song just makes me happy!!  It makes me feel young and carefree....

Summer Girl by Jessica Andrews on Grooveshark 

My Memorial Day weekend was spent loving up on my new nephew, visiting with family & clownin' around with my friends.  I had a desperately needed lake day...thanks to Banjo for letting me and Chiquita tag along.  It was EXACTLY what the doctor ordered!!!  Although I know you'd all expect there to be more entertainment value, considering Tree Frog & Gumdrop were present...but it was just a nice relaxing afternoon being kissed by the sun and enjoying some catching up time with Easy and his girlfriend Sugar...and Lola & Big Daddy.  It was the perfect day spent anchored out with ice cold beer in hand.

All week long, the plan was to go to the "Summer In The Country Music Festival" Saturday night and hit WaHo on the way home.  Just want to throw that out there.  I gotta give props to whoever put this festival was an all day event, held at someone's farm in Cleveland, GA. It was FREE!!!  They were selling what smelled like delicious bbq...but since the plan was WaHo, I didn't actually eat any.  They had a great line-up of home-grown local talent...and our friend's band was the last act performing. <Promo Review Ends Here>

We pull into what looks like a pasture, with a beautiful old farmhouse on the right and the coolest looking barn I've ever seen behind it.  We park and set out to find our "Bazaar" family.  As we're walking up the gravel driveway, I spot this kid sportin' a doo rag and he is dancing his skinny little ass off!!!  As we get closer, just as I'm pointing him out to registers that it's Lil' Bit (Skeeter's son...and one of my very favorite little boys in the whole wide world).  "Bazaar" family...FOUND!!!  
So while enjoying the music and the lightning bugs and friends...Skeeter pulls out the ICE cold (like sitting in the freezer for a year) peach moonshine!!!   In my old age, I've become some what of a sissy when it comes to alcohol.  Maybe it's the killer hangovers or maybe it's all of the blurred memories of my clumsy ass making a complete fool of myself...that being said, I only had one small swig.  It was DIVINE!!!  I wanted more...but my fear of throwing up or falling down kept me rooted to my ice cold Bud Light Lime.  Chiquita on the other hand...

Chiquita turned into Little Miss Crabby Pants when the sun went down.  I was too busy playing around with Lil' Bit and enjoying the music to notice that she kept sneaking over to "say hi" to Skeeter and an excuse to have a few (too many) sips of the hooch.  Before I know it, she's whining that she's ready to go home.  Our friend's band, Under The Wheel (the whole reason we were even there) was still performing. Next thing I know, she's sitting shotgun in MY car, that Jinx is driving us home in....and throwing a little tantrum about sitting in the backseat.  So I GRUDGINGLY sit in the backseat of my OWN car with Lollipop...

"So we're still going to WaHo, right?"  "NO!!  I'm ready to go home...NOW!!!"  "WHAT?!?!  I'm effing starving!!!"  "Whatevs bitch, there's food at the house."  "ACE HOLE!!" And so the bickering goes on and on and on...the whole way back to civilization.  It finally comes to light that Little Miss Crabby Pants actually ate at the festival!!!  No wonder she wasn't hungry!!!  So I beg Jinx to at least run the drive-thru at Krystal's...but NOOOOOOOO!!!!  Guess he was too scared of LMCP throwing another he literally drove right past Krystal's and McDonald's, straight home!!  I think I honestly could've cried, I was so hungry and PISSED!!!

Thank GOD for Sunflower!!  She's my nice friend!!!  She was riding with Zippy & Otis, so she didn't fall victim to LMCP's bitchiness....she's lucky!!  I should've rode with them too....they probably wouldn't have left me to starve to death!!  Anyway, Sunflower took me to get some food...adding an extra 30+ minutes onto her trip home (that could've been totally avoided if Jinx hadn't been such a poon).  Thank you!!!

Surprisingly, Chiquita felt FINE the next morning.  I was secretly wishing her a hangover of the ages...but nope, she felt GREAT!!!  However, her memory was a little fuzzy....but apparently mine was too.  I didn't realize we didn't even say goodbye to Skeeter and Clarabelle.  HOW RUDE!!  Chiquita also felt ZERO remorse for her bitchy behavior.  "If Lollipop is allowed 1 night a year to be a bitch, so am I. And it was a success!! In other news, moonshine is not for me...Apparently from what I hear!!" <---her words!!  Granted, she was no where near the same level that Lollipop has been known to reach...those nights usually end with someone bleeding, her being carried out of a bar and puking.  But a simple "I'm sorry" would've been nice...BITCH!!!

Then Lollipop suggests we get some of that yummy peachy poison to take on our girl's trip to the beach in a couple of weeks.  Are you CRAZY!!  Chiquita and I have the tolerance of college age boys...and if it kicked her ass that bad, the outcome of all 4 of us drinking it TOGETHER would probably be JAIL!!!  

So that sums up my Memorial Day weekend.  I hope everyone recognized our armed forces and said a little prayer for the safety of those still fighting to protect our freedoms.  Thank you Sparky...we love you.  

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