Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A Mother's Day Weekend Worth Talking About

My Mother's Day came early with me learning that I had indeed won the very coveted MOTY award.  I would like to thank my dear friend, Skeeter for nominating me, voting for me and taking the time out of his busy life to reward me so generously for being 2012's Mother Of The Year.  My trophy will be displayed proudly FOREVER!!!  <---Mainly to remind my kids of just how lucky they are to have me for their mom...and not one of my slacker opponents that failed to BRING IT to the competition this year.  Better luck to you all next go round.

I guess those WINNING genes were passed down to Beelay, as her soccer team went on to WIN their championship game.  I'm one proud mama.  She is tied for the most goals scored this season.  All joking aside, her whole team and coaches deserve a HUGE round of applause.  The incredible teamwork and stellar sportsmanship they showed this season was a pleasure to watch and made for a very intense season.  Way to go ROCKETS!!!

Now for my Mother's Day.  In years past, what I've really wanted for Mother's Day was a day WITHOUT my kids.  You can deny it, but I'd be willing to bet money you've had the same thoughts.  I'm a single mom, so it's not like their dad has been around to help the girls make my day special.  To me it seemed logical to really want a QUIET day by the pool with a frosty beverage and NO fighting children.  Well this year they made me proud.  After the night at the circus I had, what I intended to do when I got home was go back to bed.  What I got was a day at "Spa de la Morrow".  They had draped white Christmas lights around my bedroom, lit candles and turned on some ambient music on their iTouch.  

They gave me a back massage.  They applied a mask to my face, painted my nails, rubbed my feet, etc.  They got along for the most part all day long.  When things started to get sketchy, I'd just say "Happy Mother's Day" and it would click that I was giving them a HINT that it was my day, not theirs.  It was lovely actually.  Plus my dad helped them out on the gift end.  My hairdryer took a crap last week and I'd been using his all week.  So this was the PERFECT gift!! 

Bless my sister's heart.  She is days away from delivering her first baby and she managed to put together a wonderful Mother's Day meal for all of us.  It was delish!!  And then while sitting at the table (luckily my children were sitting at the coffee table) my mom handed me my card and and Mother's Day gift.  I should've asked her what my budget was...but I'm pretty sure just the catalog was my gift.  Now you all know where I get my humor from.

I hope that all of my mom friends and followers had a wonderful day and that they were cherished by their children.  Remind them that it's because of them that you pee a little every time you sneeze.  It's because of you that they are still living and breathing.  Tell your mom that you love her often...not just on Mother's Day!!!

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  1. Man, that Skeeter sounds like an Awesome guy!!! Everyone would be lucky to have him in their lives!!! The funniest part of this blog is that your kids applied a mask to your face....I guess that's better than a paper bag.