Sunday, April 1, 2012

A Weekend Full of Clowns - Part 1

I'm not real sure where this post is gonna take me.  I've got lots to say...all of which is mostly unrelated, but funny none the less.  I've had to name some more clowns, for their privacy of course. 

My weekend began with a surprise party for Skittles' 30th birthday.  A group of 30+ were waiting around the hibachi grill when we got there.  Tree Frog did a great job throwing it all together.  Beelay learned why I rarely bring her to social functions of this sort though.  When you put that many people together, you never know what kind of things are going to happen.   We had Tipsy, who took a liking to one of the chefs.  She was not so subtly offering to pay off her dinner in the back...if ya know what I mean.  At this point Beelay truly almost threw up on her plate...said "Isn't she a teacher?" (in her most disgusted tone of voice) and then excused herself from the table for a while...bless her heart. 

Then you've got the other chef making "swords" out of balloons, but when the balloon is pink and your in the company of my no longer looks like a "sword".  Skittles quickly disposed of the pink one...but apparently the chef didn't understand why.  So he then made an orange one...that could just as easily be a "flesh" color.  Then you've got poor little J.J. (Skittles & Tree Frog's 9 year old) chasing the little girls around with it...luckily he really took an interest in the little umbrellas from some of the drinks.  Those little bastards are sharp..and quickly deflated part of the "sword". 

Poor Skittles never cooled off from her speed shower after work to quickly get ready for her unknown plans.  She tried to chill herself and the rest of us in the car on the way to dinner.  Stella (my car) was an ice box, but still Skittles couldn't stop sweating.  I think it was more nerves and excitement of the suspense of not knowing what to expect.  So all during dinner (unbeknownst to the rest of the party) she was fanning herself with the skirt of her dress...she even had a rather deep wedgie at one point too.  I of course got a little giggle when I looked down and caught a glimpse of her right ass cheek.  Wellllll, as we're finishing up with dinner and paying our checks...she looks behind us and there, silently catching all of our "secrets" is a security camera mounted to the wall aimed directly at us!!!  AAAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!  I should also mention that the same waitress served us 2 months ago for my birthday dinner...and I guess it shouldn't come as any surprise that she still remembers us!!  I bet our group goes down as one of her most memorable parties in her career.

Other clowns in attendance:
Twinkle Toes

Stay tuned for Part 2

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  1. Crap...Now I have to think and try to remember everyone's code names!!! LOL!!!