Monday, February 27, 2012

How my long weekend went to shit...literally!!

I don't work on Fridays, but I usually don't have the pleasure of having my kids home with me.  This past weekend was a 4-day weekend for them.  School was out Friday & Monday.  I was surprisingly excited about having this long weekend with them....maybe it was because they both had sporadic plans that were pretty much going to leave me with only one or neither of them at a time.  SCREEEEEEEEEEEEEECH!!!!!  That's not what the stars had in mind for me.  I deserve that damn MOTY crown after this!!!

Friday went down without a hitch.  Everyone got along (for the most part), all of their chores got done and I had a much needed dinner date with my favorite hairdresser (she buys my love w/ friendly  Both of the girls had plans to spend the night out at friends houses.  But just as I was drifting off to peaceful dreams that were sure to be uninterrupted by bad dreams, my cat screaming (she doesn't meow) or a wandering dog that's escaped from one of the girl's phone rings!!!  It's 1am and I'm thinking it's my oldest calling because she's just now realized she hasn't actually talked to me since dinner (like I'd asked her to).  WRONG!!  It's the mom of the friend that SLou is spending the night with.  She has an upset tummy and really wants to come home, but I suspected she just wanted to come home because she's sometimes funny like that.  No biggie, they live in the neighborhood...I was back in my bed in less than 10 min.

My dreams of sleeping ALONE are squashed.  Just as I'm getting good and asleep, she jumps over me to run to the bathroom....only she doesn't make it.  She throws up all in the hall, on the floor and on the door...and even a little bit in the bathroom.  The poor thing has it in her hair and the usual "other end" symptom that comes along with a tummy bug.  By now it's almost 3am.  I finally get her in the shower and while she's getting cleaned up, I attempt to clean up the mess in the hallway...considering it's outside my dad's bathroom door and not ours.  But I finally give up and just cover it with a towel, so if he steps on it in the morning it's not immediate cold chunks between his toes. (Sorry, I'm going for the gross factor on this one.)

We make it through the rest of the night without any more excitement.  By noon she's feeling much better and STARVING, so we're thinking it was just something she ate.  So she goes about her day eating and snacking like normal...with just a few little trips to the bathroom.  Nothing to indicate that she's still really sick.  So I allow my older daughter to keep her original plans to go to a party and then have a few friends spend the night. 

It had been a long day, so after going to the movies with a couple of my girlfriends and getting in the hot tub w/ Lolipop...I tucked SLou in by 11pm and I dozed off somewhere around 1am.  Well I woke up at 2am to what I thought was just SLou coughing and getting some water from the bathroom sink. WRONG AGAIN!!!  This time she didn't make it out of her bed (thank GOD she wasn't in my bed).  She blew chunks all in her bed and on the carpet in her room....this time it was on her cream carpet, so there was no covering it with a towel and waiting til morning to shampoo it.  So while SLou was once again showering at 3am, I was steam cleaning carpets!!!  So all day Sunday was spent recovering and making up for lost sleep from the past 2 nights of excitement.  After all, I had to work the next day.

Fast forward to 6am on Monday.  My alarm had just gone off and I had just hit snooze, when I hear Beelay run past my bedroom door and yell "Mama".  I jump up and run to the bathroom, thinking "GREAT, there goes my extra 10 min. of sleep!!"  Although my pitifully loud puker, yacked all day long...she did continue to make it to the toilet every time.  I did have to leave her for a while to run into the office for a few hours and by the time I was on my way home, she said she was feeling better and REALLY wanted a cookies 'n cream milkshake.  Against my better judgement, I gave in.  So it was my own damn fault that I wasn't retiring the steam cleaner just yet.  While laying in my bed with her, I managed to knock my tea off the night stand with my pillow.  After getting that all cleaned up, she requested that I put a blanket over the window to block some of the glare off the t.v.  They call me Grace for a very good reason.  I went to step on the other nightstand, and knocked her milkshake among other things into the floor.  So here we are with oreo's smeared all in my cream carpet!!! Time to break out the shampooer AGAIN!!!

After 4 days of poor Beelay having it come out both ends and not always making it to the bathroom in time...I finally took her to the doctor.  I knew it was a waste of my time and money and they were gonna tell me it was a virus that had to run it's course and just to keep her hydrated.  But they also gave her some anti-nausea meds too...and said to let her stay home one more day and if she wasn't better by Monday to come back.  Welllll, 6am on Friday...guess what happened!!!  It came back and hit SLou with a vengance!! The poor child has been off and on both ending it all weekend.  But both kids wanted to get out of the house and I couldn't argue...this mama needed a B-R-E-A-K!!!  I tagged out and sent one to their dad's and the other to his parents...with fingers crossed that nobody else came down with this shitty plague!!!  And high hopes that it would be GONE by the time they came home.  It was a nice thought, but once again at 11pm last night...SLou blew chunks all over my bathroom!!  We are now on day please everyone pray that this is the last update on this topic and the nasty beast has vacated my home and my babies and there will be no more to report coming from either end.

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