Sunday, February 19, 2012

My favorite soldier...

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Let me tell you about my favorite soldier.  We met at a 4th of July party in 2005...although I'm 90% sure he has zero recollection of that night.  Who knew we'd become best friends?  Certainly not me...I thought he was the biggest dumbass I'd ever met, after he set off fireworks on the railing of the deck, that in turn tipped over and went off into the crowd of people watching.  Luckily only 3 of us were hurt.  My scar is no longer visible but the memory of that night will never be forgotten.
Our friendship was centered around good times and partying in the beginning and then transformed into one that revolved around close friends and our children.  He was a single dad that only really got to spend time with his daughter during the summer...and has a son he's never met (not for a lack of trying on his part).  But my girls gravitated towards him from the very beginning.  He loves them as if they're his own and would take a bullet for any of his kids.

Us & my girls.

It was for his children that he chose to join the army 2 years ago.  He wanted to improve himself and to be able to provide better for them and himself.  It was the single hardest decision he ever made and I am convinced it was the BEST decision he's made!!  He has found his calling.  He LOVES what he does and has excelled and advanced in his field.  We are so proud of you Sparky!!  And although I miss you everyday, especially the ones that I could really use one of your magical bear hugs...I know you're making a difference and you're someone I'm happy to call my family!!

John & his wife, Amy :)

Since joining the Army, our time with him has been very sporadic and rushed...but we've made every second count.  God was on our side when it worked out that he was able to be home for his 30th birthday last January.  It was a bittersweet celebration because although we were celebrating his birthday, we all knew that it could be the last time we saw him.  He shipped out to Afghanistan on my birthday, Jan. 31, 2011...but not before calling me to sing happy birthday too.  His calls were few and far between, but thanks to Facebook and Skype we were able to stay in touch.  He was able to send threats to any boys talking to my girls, letting them know that even from Afghanistan...his aim was dead-on.

Sparky with his daughter & mom!!

Fast forward 367 days to Feb. 2, 2012.  He was finally state-side again.  And on Feb. 16, 2012...I finally got that bear hug I'd been needing for the last 401 days!!  Unfortunately it was his shortest visit yet.  He was only in town for 16 hours.  But we made it the visit he'll hold closest to his heart.  A dinner that was supposed to only consist of him, his wife, me and my girls and his brother, sister in-law and neice...was actually a party of 50!!  We even made the front page of the local paper.

John meeting his neice for the very fist time!!

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