Tuesday, October 2, 2012

My Dream Home

Because it's a quiet day at the office and I have nothing better to do than day dream about a house, I'll never have...because if I did, then I'd have to clean it too.  But these are some of my favorite things...

This is actually an absolute must...if I ever do have my own home again.  I better have a nice, comfy, cozy porch swing to lay on to read, watch the sunrise, listen to storms or cuddle on.

I want a bottle tree, because they're cool!!

I want an outdoor fireplace...to sit around and look at the stars and roast marshmallows with my kids.  I'm also seeing a trend here.  My top dream things are all outside...I'd like a couple of hammocks somewhere around the fireplace too. 

Inside, well inside...I hope to have a huge kitchen with plenty of cabinet and counter space.  I want a HUGE bar or island that my kids and their friends can just hang out around.

I want a badass laundry room...that sorts, folds and puts the shit away.  But while I'm waiting for that Jetson's stuff to really happen, I want this:

Because I'm dreaming and I'm going to either have hired help or a robotic maid, I also want my reading nook...where I can hide and imagine I'm actually a character in whatever book I'm reading.

As for the rest of it...I just want it to be filled with love & laughter and comfy furniture.  Is that asking too much?  Have you been reading my blog lately?  If so, you know it absolutely is too much to ask...but a girl can dream every now and then.

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  1. Can I come live with you? My granny had swings on her porch, loved them. Not as nice as they are now, but still so many great memories!

  2. My gramma had them too!! That's one reason I'm so set on one day having one of my own!!

  3. I think like this a LOT. Whenever I do, I force myself to think of the people all over the world who live in one-room tin huts with dirt for floors and a couple of cots to share between the whole family, and nothing but mashed rice to eat.

    I know, Debbie-Downer. It keeps me grateful.

    I also want that reading nook. Those light fixtures above it are totally my style!


  4. sign me up for this dream house too!


  5. The only part of your dream house I have any hope of attaining is that bottle tree. I think I am going to move in with you and Jules.

  6. I just wanted to say thank you for the funniest blog comment I have ever gotten! I'm so glad you're a new follower. I had to come stalk your blog because you're a no reply blogger! Fix that so I can reply to you! LOL.

  7. Those outdoor ideas are fun to look at! I could add that outdoor fireplace to the manmade pond and gypsy tent that I want for my backyard. Haha! When are you planning to have a new home? I would love to see how your backyard would look like with the swing and bottle tree. =)

    Lakisha Zimmerer

  8. Having a clear idea of what your dream house looks like is the best way to make it a reality. By the way, I’d also like to have an outdoor fireplace and an outdoor kitchen! So, have you found a place or the house that will satisfy your desires?

  9. You have a very wonderful idea for your dream home! And like Antony, I’d also love to have an outdoor fireplace and kitchen too, where we can stay, bond, and have fun with my family and friends. Anyway, we can always make our dreams come true, and the secret to achieving it is to work hard.