Thursday, October 4, 2012

It's that time of year...again.  The fair is in town.  Not my town, but one close enough by...but yet I'm still crossing my fingers, toes, eyes and whatever else, hoping that neither of the girls realize it until it's too late.  Why do I despise the fair so much?  Because it's a RIP and it's EXACTLY the same as it was last year and the year before and the year before that.  You get my point.

Anyway, the girls love it.  I hate it.  But the people watching is out of this world!!  I'm still hoping it doesn't pop on the radar.  There are happy memories about the fair though.  I'm guessing it was Beelay's first year going to the fair.  She was probably 2.  We were working our way through all of the kiddie rides...shelling out 2-4 tickets a pop.  Anyway, this stupid nice teenager walks by and she's got a gold fish in each hand.  She was all stoked about winning whatever game she'd been playing...but didn't really care about the prizes.  She spots adorable little Beelay...stops, squats down and says "Hi there cutie.  Wanna a goldfish?"

SHIT!!!  SHIT!!! SHIT!!!

Before I can answer, Beelay says yes, her dad says yes....the girl hands her the fish and walks away.  WTF just happened here?  We are not keeping that fish!!  He tells me "Oh come on.  They won't live long anyway."  Great!!  So I can either break her heart now or I can break it in a few days when he swims down the toilet with her "teetee".  I refused to buy a fish bowl.  I refused to buy fish food.

That damn thing lived on my kitchen counter, in a glass mixing bowl, eating bread crumbs for almost a year!!!  Dumb Dumb finally convinced me to accept this unnamed fish into our growing family...I was knocked up at the time.  "How about you run by PetSmart on your way home and pick up a tank and some food for it."  Fine...whatever.  If it means I can run through the drive-thru instead of cooking...fine.  He set it up.  All nice and pretty with all the colorful rocks and bubbles.  Beelay was IN LOVE!!  Her pretty fish was so happy swimming in his big clean tank...and eating his fishy caviar.  She didn't want to go to bed that night.  She just wanted to watch her fish swim.

She finally went to bed...and probably dreamed of Nemo (even though this was long before Nemo got lost).  She woke up the next morning and ran into the den to check on her best friend...and said "Mama where my fish?"


That poor fish had gotten sucked into the filter.  It was stuck between the side of the tank and the stick making all the pretty bubbles.  Obviously neither of us knew jack about fish.  I'd have done much better with another cat!!!

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  1. My fair fishys always die within days , so do little froggies, in fact I'm amazed my kids are still alive at this point.

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  3. I got a cat, instead of a dog, because they're supposed to be self sufficient. I ended up with the neediest black cat on the face of this earth that I am sure is going to live forever. At least fish are flushable.

    1. Lonna, my damn cat is going on 19 years old. She's driving us bat shit crazy with her 3am rants...obviously this slipped my mind when I was writing this. Now I'm gonna be dreaming of flushing her every time I look at her. Screw it!! I say NO MORE PETS!!!

  4. Oh no! I'm so with you on the fish! My daughter was upset because her school fair had goldfish but they were all gone by the time she got up to the booth. I was secretly breathing a huge sigh of relief! I've had fish in the past and I hate cleaning their bowls…yuck! I had to giggle at this post because i've so been there! Thank you for linking up with the Friendly Friday :)