Friday, January 25, 2013

Meet Josie...

Lounging on the deflated air mattress...Shelby tried to sleep on.
Allow me to introduce you to Josie.  She's Dumpling's not so little neurotic black lab.  She has a lovely huge yard to play in all day long, but sometimes when her friend across the street is out, she decides it doesn't suit her fancy, so she escapes.  She's never bothered anyone, that we're aware of.  Well, until right before Christmas.  The neighbors across the street called 911 on her...SERIOUSLY?  We're pretty sure she was just sitting in their driveway barking for her friend to come out to play, but they decided she was a nuisance.  (I should mention that their dog has shown up multiple times looking for Josie since she's been in lock-up) The officer that showed up apparently felt the need to call for backup...Josie decided to RUN!!  The officer said that she took off behind the fence and the next thing he knew she was back on the right side of the gate.  Crazy ass dog.  

Please, pretty please let me out.  I'm sooooo BORED!!
Thinking/hoping that she learned her lesson, Dumpling left her in the fence again the next day.  Unfortunately, when he got home there was another neighbor walking Josie down the street, trying to figure out where she lived.  Her leg was mangled and bloody...we assumed from getting hung up in the fence during her escape.  After a pricey trip to the Emergency Vet, we were pretty certain she was hit by a car and would probably need surgery.  MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!  Roughly $3k later, we've got a gimp dog that thinks she's Wonder Woman.  Other than her peg leg (splint), you wouldn't know she's been hurt.  

I began this post a month ago and just haven't had a chance to come back to it.  I believe we're on week 5 of that crazy ass dog's recovery.  She has been serving time in Dumpling's mom's garage.  Bless his mom's heart, she's been having to walk her twice a day...and when I say that I really mean Josie walks her.  Josie's adjusted well to prison life and having to be walked on a long as she doesn't go home.

Josie trying to break up mine and Dumpling's goodbye kiss.
When I say crazy, I'm really not kidding.  She is an attention whore.  She's worse than the girls when it comes to trying to separate me and Dumpling from moments of affection.  If we're standing up, maybe kissing hello or goodbye...she's using her whole body to push in between us and jump up and join the party (and she's successfully slipped me the tongue TWICE).  If we're sitting on the couch and she hears us even move a muscle, she's up making sure we're not doing anything we're "not supposed" to be doing...she'll typically push between our legs and the coffee table and slap her front paw in one of our laps, holding our hands down and trying to get in one of our laps.  Yep, she's a 90+ pound lap dog.

At night, she's not allowed to sleep in the bedroom with us.  But as soon as someone gets up to go to the bathroom, she's like cat burglar waiting for her window of opportunity.  Dumpling's bedroom is DARK and Josie is BLACK.  Well one night, he got up to grab something to drink or something.  He came back in the bedroom, shut the door, crawled back into bed...and all the sudden we both said in unison "She's in here!!"  She was right at my ear before she chomped her jaw!!  Dammit Josey!!! 

Dumpling sprang her from captivity last weekend to try and give his mom a break, but that crazy ass dog WILL NOT do her business in HER yard while on a leash.  She's too busy sniffing around, trying to figure out who's been in HER territory!! 

Yeah, sit right I'm gonna FART on you!!
She's already been welcomed into our family, as if she's been there all along.  While she was out on her weekend pass, she got to hang with my dad and Snickers while Dumpling & I went out to dinner.  When we got back, she was laid out on the dog beds in dad's room.  She's also already decided that my house is her territory too.  She barks at anyone in their own driveways on my street...she even let Slou have it for walking up the stairs.  It's hilarious to watch her think about playing with Snickers and him completely going limp and letting her be the dominate.  I can't wait to see them interact once her cast comes off.

All parties involved are praying that next Wed. will be her release date. Last weekend she was dreaming of chasing squirrels and whimpering in her sleep.  I really think we should record her release back into the wild...something tells me it's gonna be a moment worth capturing on video....and then she needs a BATH!!!

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  1. She's adorable and I hope there's no permanent damage to the let. Thanks for sharing her with us!

  2. Hopefully she has healed well! My cat is an attention whore too, anyone who enters our house learns that in about 1 minute :)

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