Thursday, March 22, 2012

A Small Daily Dose Of Giggles

Yesterday was my mom's birthday.  This can be a test as to whether she actually reads my blog or not.  She swears she's too busy...I don't believe her :)

Back to the story at hand.  My mom just recently moved back to the Atlanta area.  This was her first birthday back my sister, brother, Beelay and I made the hour-ish trip down to take her out to dinner last night.

As we're sitting in traffic, discussing our mother's habit of crying at the drop of a hat about the dumbest, most random things...and I know we should all be ashamed of ourselves for making fun of her on her birthday.  But we had a damn good giggle about it.

Beelay starts telling a story I've already heard, but I think it was new for Uncle.  A couple summers ago, my girls went on a wonderful vacation with my mom and her boyfriend.  While they were at the resort, mom asked Beelay where something was...I don't even remember what it was. But her response was "up your butt and around the corner"...I guess it was highly inappropriate for a then 11 year old to say to her grandmother, but it's a very accurate example of our family.  Well this hurt mom's feelings and she immediately started crying and told Beelay she couldn't go to the waterpark anymore...which made Beelay cry too...and in the end they hugged and cried together and probably ended up going to the waterpark anyway. 

Fast forward back to our car, as we're passing by Turner Field...Beelay then tells us that her sister's version of the saying is "Up your butt and around the corner...through a tube and out your boob."  All of us are just about crying from laughter.  Uncle says "I'm totally slipping that one in at dinner."...and we all laugh even harder.  We get to mom's and have a couple cocktails...totally taking advantage of Auntie being knocked up, so she has no choice but to be our DD!!!  We're sitting around my Gramma's house, when Uncle asks my mom where the restaurant is.  She tells him...and he says "That's not what Beelay said."  Mom: "What? Where did she say it was?"  At this point I already see it coming, but Auntie & Beelay are both blank.  He says "She said it's up your butt and around the corner."  At this point, I'm crying and about to pee my pants.  And mom is absolutely CLUELESS as to why we're all laughing so hard...but laughing right along with us.

All in all, it was a good dinner and a great evening.  Happy birthday Mom!!  We're glad you're back!!!

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