Friday, March 16, 2012

I must've been smoking crack...

When I agreed to this party, I must've been smoking crack.  Beelay wanted to throw her BFF a surprise party.  I should've said NO!!!  Don't get me wrong...I love her BFF.  She's like my 3rd child.  But some how what was originally supposed to be 12 now 16!!!

I'm chaperoning 16 7th graders...but it feels like I'm babysitting a bunch of 3 year olds.  I'm now sitting at the computer trying to tune them out while I blog and chug a glass of wine.  Thank GOD the BFF's mom was thoughtful enough to bring me a bottle of wine.  She apparently knew I'd lost my mind before I did.

How many times did I have to tell them not to throw food in the pool?  How about not to climb on the railing of the deck that is 2 stories up?  Or not to run around the pool?  Or not belly bump in the den right next to the glass coffee table?  OMG!!!  CHUG, CHUG, CHUG!!!!

Of course the apple doesn't fall far from the tree around here.  Beelay has already fallen down and drawn blood.  She managed to break the lid for the skimmer and slice her foot open and scraped several layers of skin off her knees.  One day she's going to learn to jump up and laugh it off.  Tonight she laid on the side of the pool and cried for her mommy...while laughing so hard she could've peed.

Now I'm being accused of being the meanest mom ever and nobody's ever gonna want to come back to our house AGAIN!!!  Huh?  Ok, that's fine by me.  Are they ready to go home now?  I'll be happy to give them all a ride home.  Oh wait, I'm glass #2 as we speak...probably not a good idea.  I'll call them each a about that?

Some of them are now running around with balloons in their shirts...pretending to be pregnant.  Of course we've all done this...and it would be HILARIOUS if they weren't screaming at a volume that could break glass!!!  They've asked if they can go play initial answer is "YES!!!  GO!!!" But then I thought of my poor unassuming neighbors.  They probably think there's some cat burglar in their backyards and then one of these devils might end up getting shot.  That definitely wouldn't be good.  Oh well, guess that's a risk I'm going to have to take...since they all just went out the front door and I'm not getting up to herd them all back inside.  I'm gonna sit here and pour another glass.  Ahhhh...SILENCE, well except the occassional scream that I can hear from outside. 

What the HELL was I thinking????  Guess I'll just sit here and drink...

And next time we will set a much smaller limit to the number of invites handed out....probably to the ones that I haven't had to get on to and scold like toddlers.  CHEERS!!!

UPDATE: Just to give you an idea of how much she's like me...this first pic is of my knee from a few weeks ago that I posted on my Facebook.  The second pic is of her knees that she posted on her Instagram on Saturday.


  1. You survived and all the girls survived!!! So you did good!!! LOL

  2. Did I fail to mention there were BOYS there too? That's probably why it was so INSANE!!! Everybody wanting to impress each other and me feeling the need to keep a VERY close eye on all of them.