Thursday, November 8, 2012

Thank God It's Thursday

Let me tell you how my day started....

First, I had to wake Beelay up at 5am and drop her off at Starbucks at 5:30...where she got a ride with another mom to school for their 8th grade trip.  I'd been telling myself all week that I was just gonna go ahead and get ready and head into work early.  HA!  I went home and went back to bed.

I figured I could get another solid hour of sleep....yeah, that turned into an hour and 20 minutes.  I knew Slou was gonna be PISSED!!!  She HATES being LATE almost as much as I HATE being LATE!!!  I ran into wake her up and spotted her iTouch laying next to her in her bed.  "Hmmm, what's this?  How about I let this slide and you don't get mad about running late?"  "Deal!"  Is that bad?  I bargained with my kid about her breaking the rules because I desperately needed a few extra minutes with my pillow.

Let me clarify.  When I say she was late, that means she wasn't going to be at school when the first bell rang at 7:10.  She considers herself late if she's not one of the first people in her classroom.  She's not tardy until 7:40...and that NEVER happens.

Now let me tell you about how sloooooooooooooooooow my day is moving...

I have just about Z-E-R-O going on at work right now...mainly because the computer that stores ALL of my spreadsheets has been out of commission for over 2 weeks now and Prince Douche has decided that he is going to fix it himself, rather than me call in our IT company.  The problem is Prince Douche has a hard time putting down the bottle...of scotch or vodka.  So this particular computer isn't exactly at the top of his priority list right now.  I have a 5" stack of paperwork collecting dust in my inbox to input on my spreadsheets, but it'll just continue to sit there until next week.

My amazing boyfriend has been out of town since Saturday...and wasn't supposed to be back until this Sunday.  Thank goodness the prospect of having to go 8 days without seeing each other wasn't working for him either.  I wasn't gonna ask him to come home early, but I was really really really hoping he would.  I'm so excited that he's coming home today.  This day can not move any faster towards quitting time and me wrapping my arms around his neck!!  Tick tock tick tock....

Add the fact that tomorrow we're headed out for a girl's weekend full of football & drinking...I'm just too excited to be stuck sitting behind my desk today!!!  Chiquita, Sunflower & I have been on a strict diet for the last 24 days and have not drank in that time.  So consider yourselves warned.  This weekend could either be a disaster or one to go down in the history books.  I just hope that if it's the latter, we're able to remember enough of it for me to document it for you.  Tabby & Lollipop have already offered to record all of the shenanigans for me, but that's not exactly what I have in mind.  That could really BAD!!!

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  4. How about this morning, I dragged my kids out of bed early because not only did I have a staff meeting at 7:35, but they closed my road so we had to go the long way! I got there with 10 minutes to spare only to find that the meeting had been canceled, but since I'd had to leave early to take a sick kid to the doctor, I'd missed the announcement and no one thought to call me!