Thursday, January 26, 2017

Life With Girls....

I've recently been called out for not blogging anymore.  In my heart, I feel it's mainly been because I now have 2 teenage daughters that I have feared would kill me in my sleep if I blogged about them and it didn't shine the most positive light on them.  

Weeeehhhellll, one of them has all but dared me to blog.  She claims that I'm just an old fart with nothing to say.  Of course she's not the one that I'm really worried about killing me in my sleep, but let's see if I've still got it.  Where should I start?  

If you look at my personal Facebook, you'll see I've had plenty to say about politics, but I've had about enough of politics for now.  My life is pretty boring.  I've married the most anti-social man on earth.  So that really only leaves my girls.  

Of course, Beelay, being 18 now; is NEVER home!!  But when she is, we're usually in the middle of binge watching something on Netflix.  We'll pause it when she walks in.  We'll talk for a while, then she'll either disappear up to her room or....

She'll sit down on the couch and play on her phone, until we hit play and it starts getting good.  Then she'll "accidentally" start watching a video with the volume up to 10!!  "Oops, sorry.  I didn't realize it was gonna be that loud.  Then she'll start watching with us.  Get into it.  And ask questions every 15 seconds to figure out what's going on....and then get mad when she gets home the next day and we've watched another episode without her.  

Oops, sorry.  We forgot we were supposed to sit here and wait for you to get home to watch...ANYTHING!!

I know this is tame...but I'm just dipping my toe in the water, to see if she REALLY wants me to blog about her.  Her sister, being home a lot more, gives me much more material to work from, but she's also the one I fear will smother me in my sleep.

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