Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Libby's Awkward Story - Part 2

In an attempt to not bore the pants off of my readers...I've broken this story up into shorter segments.  To read part 1 click here. 

After that AWKWARD day, Libby had no idea that would be her last in the office that week.  She ended up staying home with a sick kid and then getting sick herself, but she welcomed the impromptu escape from the unexpected turn of events at work.  She had passing thoughts about how she was going to handle the situation when she returned.  In the end she opted to....act like it never happened.

Seven days later, she finally made it back to work.  Her inbox was overflowing and her office looked like it had been hit by an F-5 tornado.  She dove in head first and started trying to keep her head above water...keeping her fingers crossed that no uninvited distractions showed up at her door.  FAIL!!!  It only took a few minutes for Bruce to make his appearance.  "So, we talked this weekend and we're going to try giving it another shot." The sigh of relief was probably written all over Libby's face.  "Well good for you.  I hope it all works out for both of you."  "Yeah, she begged and cried and talked me into giving her another chance."  Keep in mind up until this debacle, Bruce has NEVER talked to Libby about his relationship.  

A couple of days go by without any mention of it.  Libby hasn't told ANYONE about being propositioned by her co-worker.  She just wanted to forget it and move on.  Too bad Bruce wasn't playing along with that idea.  "I just couldn't do it.  We're done for good this time."  Libby's stomach almost jumped out of her mouth, but she managed to say "I'm sorry.  That sucks."  All along keeping her eyes on her computer and not making eye contact....trying to make it clear that she really wasn't interested AT ALL!!!  

A little while later, Libby was up from her desk, making copies and pulling a few files when he found her in the file room.  "I just want you to know that the only reason I keep telling you all of this is because I'm really really really hoping you'll take me up on my offer some day."  NO SHIT!!!  REALLY?!?!  Eyes still on the file cabinet, Libby says "Uhhh, okay." and he walks away again.  Just about the time her stomach settled and the taste of puke had faded from her mouth, she hears "And just in case you're worried about it, I'm a VERY private person.  It would be just between the two of us.  I wouldn't tell anybody.  I swear."  Because that's totally what was holding her back from...whatever he had in mind.  Apparently her lack of words or eye contact hadn't been enough of a hint that she was NOT taking him on it now or EVER!!  In order to find the funny in the whole situation, Libby finally broke down and told another co-worker about it.

A few days go by of Libby trying to avoid Bruce except for the occasional work related question.  Maybe he figured it out or maybe he was just waiting for her to make the next move.  But I guess he got impatient and wanted to make sure Libby hadn't forgotten.  So he started talking about online dating and about how he'd signed up for this one or that one.  Libby just wanted the whole topic to GO AWAY!!!  But she was too polite to just say "GO AWAY!!"  She just answered questions with all one word answers and tried to steer all conversations back to work or more comfortable subjects like politics or religion. 

Then out of nowhere, Marley, another co-worker that had been traveling this whole time came into Libby's office one day.  He typically serenaded her on a daily basis, telling her how wonderful she was and how she was the sunshine of his life (He's happily married...btw).  But this time his morning song was more romantic and mushy...and just GROSS!!!  When he came around and rubbed Libby's arm, it all started making sense.  That "someone" that Libby had confided in had told Marley.  Although Libby had hoped to keep it quiet, it was oddly comforting to know that she wasn't having to bear it alone now...but she still didn't want to hurt Bruce's feelings.  So now when Marley sings "Isn't She Lovely"...he and Libby can share a little giggle and go on about their days.  And when Bruce brings up online dating, Libby just wishes him the best of luck...and hopes that he finds the love of his life before he gets any more crazy notions about her.

For now - The End

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